Taimoor Sattar | About Me

aboutTaimoor Sattar | About Me

My name is Taimoor Sattar. I love to communicate with people and help them in the best way possible. I practice Islam as a religion. I take responsibility for my work and complete it in the best way possible.

I was born in Pakistan. I have completed an engineering bachelor's degree in 2018. I start my first job in Saudi Arabia at the age of 23-24 and currently employed.

I am interset in tech (else then engineering) and I am working on writing a course for people who struggle to learn to program. This course is currently in beta and under-construction. I love reading books and apply good things in life.


  • Polite and Humble
  • Height 5f-11i
  • Practicing Muslim
  • Punctuality
  • Family-oriented

You can question me at any time and I will answer you best way possible.