Guide to get started with JavaScript

Taimoor Sattar

Javascript is used for dynamic content appearing without refreshing the page and interactivity to HTML pages. Javascript could be used to:

  • Add multimedia elements / perform an action based on user action.
  • Form validation and client-side error handling.
  • JavaScript used for dynamic page content.

If you are a beginner, you need to learn the basics of javascript. We have covered the series of articles that you can follow in sequence as below:

  1. Learn to create a basic website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  2. You often have to deal with Manipulating The DOM Using Javascript
  3. Conditional Statements in JavaScript
  4. Loop through an array
  5. Object in Javascript
  6. Date format using Javascript
  7. How To Manipulate CSS With Javascript

After covering the basics stuff, you can learn advance concepts in Javascript.

To level up your JavaScript skills, learn the tips and tricks of writing code.

About the Author

Written by Taimoor Sattar I'm Taimoor Sattar, full-stack developer. I've experience to develop websites in JavaScript, Node and CSS. But, better I am a problem solver. I used to break down large chunck of problem into small puzzle pieces. You should follow them on Twitter. You can contact me on this page.