I posted my first website development course

Taimoor Sattar

Internet is full of content. If you want to learn website development, you need to google it. But… searching for the right content takes time. There are several ways to achieve the same results but to choose the right way you need a mentor to guide you and save your time. This course provides you mentorship to those who have a passion for learning website development. Below, you can find the link for this course:

Build Responsive Websites And Form Into Profitable


This course bundles with the core concepts of website development and guides you on the way to earn passive income. We will keep you on the fast learning track so you can cover more concepts. The course covers the main ingredient of website development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The example covered in this course are:

  • Building FAQ dropdown
  • Reveal content on scroll
  • Animating image gallery and menu icon using CSS.
  • Build a responsive construction website.
  • Load image faster
  • Control page behavior using Scroll event
  • Forms submissions and validation without any server-side code.
  • Fetch data from public APIs
  • Way to earn from website development.

If you are unhappy with this course, you can unsubscribe to this course within the mention refund days.

About the Author

Written by Taimoor Sattar I'm Taimoor Sattar, a full-stack developer, experience to develop websites in React/JavaScript, Node, and HTML/CSS. You should follow them on Twitter. You can contact me on this page.