Taimoor Sattar

Build Fullstack with JAMstack

Build a full-stack application with confidence. Here is briefly what you can get out of the course

  • Write your frontend logic and server function with Gatsby.
  • Customize the schema and manage the content with
  • Handle payments with Stripe.
  • and much more...

Join in the course to explore what's inside.


Tech Covered


The motivation 🔥

The main motivation for this course is to make you confident to build a website that can handle business logic. Most developers are stuck on what to learn next after learning React, etc.

Industry Problem
Industry Problem

This course teaches you a framework and toolkit that you can use to build a business website that scales. And make decisions regarding what tools work best for the project.

Build with confidence 💪

Most of the developers rush to learn the syntax of the language/framework. But... the fundamental thing that should be taught is why do you want to learn specific tools (languages, frameworks). If you've got the right tool and know how to use it, you'll be productive at the end of the day. In this course, you'll not only learn how to build but also how it's different from the other.

What's inside 📦

You'll get a complete guide from start to finish (Plus the project files). The Readme.txt file contains instructions on how to set up the project files. If you choose the free plan, you can access the course's starter chapter.

What you'll learn 📙

In this course, we'll build a full-stack website using Gatsby, Sanity, and Stripe. The final website build consists of both a blog site and an e-commerce site. We use JAMstack infrastructure to build the website. JAMstack is the modern way to build websites that provides the following benefits:

  1. Better Performance
  2. Higher Security
  3. Cheaper, Easier Scaling
  4. Better Developer Experience

For example, to develop a business website, we've to manage the following:

  • The front-end - the user interacts with the application/website. We use the Gatsby framework (built on React) for the front end.
  • The Backend logic and database - use Sanity to store and manage the content for the website.

The benefit of JAMstack infrastructure is that the front-end logic is decoupled from the backend which makes the website load fast. A website with better performance leads to more traffic and sales. 1 in 4 visitors would abandon the website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load.

We use Stripe to process the user payments. With every successful subscription, the customer is created in the Stripe dashboard, and also, we keep track of subscription data in the Sanity server.

At last, you understand how to build a JAMstack site and also understand how each technology builds up the website.

Price 🏷️

You can enroll in the course by subscribing to the plan. After that, you can view the course file in the dashboard area. The course files include the complete project folder, coursebook, and extras, etc. You can continue with the subscription plan as long as you want or unsubscribe from the dashboard area.

You can get the first modules (Chapter: Gatsby frontend - Fundamentals ✨) for free. The free modules will help you to get started with the course and better understand what this course is all about.